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How our Triigger Headrest Sc works

Based on chemical and medical research, the new Triigger Headrest Sc utilizes two features that resist odor, is self-wicking, and self-cleaning. Utilizing fine fibers made from refined coffee beans, and elements made from pure silver, the Triigger Headrest Sc resists bacteria growth from sweat and other odors that accumulate over time.

As you play, oils from your hair and sweat are produced, even in small amounts that are not ordinarily noticeable. These chemicals from your body get absorbed by a normal headrest, do not get released and cleaned, and over time develop coloring and odor.

Coffee grounds which possess absorbent properties are roasted and swell, expanding the internal porous structure of the beans. After the beans are dried, they are then grounded and refined into an ultra-fine powder. The fine coffee powder is then blended with yarn extrusions and made into coffee strands.

To develop a headrest with true anti-bacterial effects, we turn to pure silver. Due to the chemical properties of silver, some biochemical processes of bacterial are disrupted.

The chemical properties of silver cause oxidative damage to various bacterial processes. They interfere with DNA replication, destabilize bacterial cell membranes as well as inhibit enzyme function. The result of which is inhibition of bacteria cell growth.

Vertagear engineers weave the silver through linen. We then fuse the silver-bonded linen with the coffee yarn, and use the resulting fabric to produce the Triigger Headrest Sc. The entire bio-resistive fabric is then combined with a soft suede, and wrapped around a supportive memory foam filling which contours to your individual head shape.

Form follows function in its truest meaning with the Triigger Headrest Sc, as we made no compromises on comfort. Featuring extensive adjustability that allows 3-way adjustment, gamers will be able to customize the headrest’s nod, height extension, and swing tension.

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