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Partnering with World Best


OCTOBER 4, 2017 - We're always looking for up and coming organizations to partner with. With the esports and Twitch communities growing as rapidly as ever, it's important to identify those who not only share the same values as ourselves, but also have the potential to grow alongside us for years to come. It is with this pivotal notion in mind that we announce our newest partnership with an organization that boasts an expansive list of streamers as well as one of the top H1Z1 teams in the world, World Best Gaming.

World Best prizes itself in grooming streamers, a valuable act that has seen them grow their steaming roster over a hundred. Many in the community understand the importance of growing streamers, as the loyalty exhibited from fans of up and coming streamers are often at a level beyond the norm. 

World Best is also known for fielding one of the best squads of H1Z1, boasting an all-Korean squad that has participated in all of the top competitions to date. They will also take part in the upcoming TwitchCon H1Z1 Invitational which will oversee an overall $500,000 prize pool. 

We're proud to be partnering with WBG to provide their players and streamers with our top-of-the-line ergonomic gaming chairs. Make sure to keep up to date with them as they continue their quest to conquer both Twitch and H1Z1!






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