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Remembering those who served

Memorial day started way back in 1868 as a practice to decorate soldiers who fought in the Civil War. It was decided then that the 30th of May would be the day where the entire country spends time looking back on the nation's war history, its shoulders, and those who fought.

While I don't have any direct experience with wars, my grand parents fought in the Vietnam war, and I remember hearing stories of brutality and horrible violence when I was a child. I also remember hearing stories of refugees and those who had their lives decimated because of conflict, and about those who fought in the war for what they believed in.

Remembering where we came from and how we got here, and remembering the people who staked their lives to let us live the way we live today, is a necessary part of being human. For those who had their lives taken away by conflict, it's impossible to give back something to them, but it's important to never forget. Canadians celebrate its own Remembrance Day on November 11th, and famously decorates graves of its fallen soldiers with poppies. As someone who grew up in Canada, this day was always observed with solemn seriousness, and everyone, including students, wore poppies for the day.

For Memorial Day, Vertagear will be extending its partnership with to offer a 20-percent discount on our entire fleet of products. If you're a member of any defense group, you're eligible to for the discount on everything you buy from us from now through to the end of the holiday.

As part of the gaming community, we feel we have the duty to honor and remember those that gave their lives for the country. Our history has given us everything we have today, and allowed us to do what we are able to today. So in honor of those who fought, we hope you'll participate with us in remembering. 


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