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Leo Jung

Vertagear PL4500 Crystals from Swarovski® Launch

Vertagear PL4500 Crystals from Swarovski® Launch

        Los Angeles, California. July 13th, 2021.  Vertagear announces the official release of its unique and creative collaboration with the world’s premier jewelry and accessory brand Crystals from Swarovski® . Bringing the world of gaming into the world of captivating high end design. This one of a kind gaming chair tells a story and embodies Crystals from Swarovski®  125 years of mastered craftsmanship.         PL4500 Crystals from Swarovski®  This collaboration has all of the award winning features that come along with the PL4500 racing series chair like Vertagear’s Patented HygennX coffee fiber technology, and our upgradable RGB kits. All while adding the beautiful craftsman ship...

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