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Vertagear goes 2 vs 2 in HTC's PGL Invitational

The heat is on in the latest showdown in CS:GO: Vertagear jumps in on the highly-anticipated HTC 2 vs. 2 tournament, featuring a total of 8 teams.

The setup is intense. 8 teams featuring 2 hard-edged players will go head to head between May 13 to May 14 in Bucharest, Romania. There's no better setting for it. Situated in the heart of Europe, selected teams will be flown in for a chance at $50,000.

Not one to miss out on a community event, Vertagear will be on location during the showdown to provide support and product. Is it going to be intense? You bet. Will there be huge upsets? We hope so. Is only one pair going to walk away with a top 1st-place prize of $20,000? That's $10,000 per player. But even those in the lowest ranks will be able to take home a cool $2,500.

Right now the teams and players are a mystery, but expect the lineup to be fierce.

The team at Vertagear is thoroughly hyped up for the event. But we're staying neutral. No guesses at who will be picked. But you can bet that when the results play out, it'll be either the expected win or a huge shocker. Let's go for shocker.

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