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bit-tech awards Triigger with coveted award

We knew we were on to something when we were laying out the blue-print for our Triigger line. Our design choices are reaffirmed again, this time in the form of bit-tech's coveted Exceptional seal.

Just shy of 18-years old, bit-tech's been delivering highly detailed reviews since the early 2000's, and has earned a firm footing throughout the UK and globally as one of the top destinations for reviews and analysis on technology.

We sent over both our Triigger 350 and 275 to bit-tech for its take on design, comfort, and quality. Having tested several chairs already from other companies, bit-tech told us that it would put our Triigger through the ringer. It's with both humility and confidence then, that Triigger walked home with bit-tech's highest accolade.

Matthew Lambert, who reviewed the two Triigger chairs had this to say:

"One thing's for certain, which is that both are absolutely a cut above the chairs we saw in our previous roundup in virtually all areas. Perhaps a sample from Herman Miller, for example, would cast these in a dimmer light, but for now we have to admit we're impressed, and the 10-year warranty is very reassuring when you're dishing out this much cash. If you happen to be looking to make a proper investment in the chair you use every day, Vertagear makes a very compelling case for itself with these chairs."

Both the Triiggers were analyzed from unboxing through to sitting. Matthew details the full assembly process, as well as how good people felt when sitting on either chair, and provides a balanced analysis on why the team at bit-tech feels the way they do.

As much as Matthew goes into detail about the chairs, it's one of those things that have to be felt to be understood. This is precisely why Triigger was made to fit all types of body sizes and structures.

Take a look at Triigger for yourself, and see why people love sitting on them.

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