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PC Gamer features our SL Racing Series in its videos

Having already won PC Gamer's coveted best pick, the SL Racing Series continues to be the publications favorite go-to chair. Our SL-4000 was featured in a recent PC Gamer hardware video talking about the new Corsair One gaming PC.

We chatted briefly with PC Gamer's head of hardware and Maximum PC Magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Tuan Nguyen, about why the publication chose the SL series.

Vertagear: What made you guys pick the the SL series as a top pick when you guys received chairs from many other companies?

Tuan: Well, our main concern was that many companies are producing chairs. We were looking for a standout option. That meant focusing in on quality. I think it's in the details really. There's this saying, "good from far, but far from good," and that is true here. Look closely at the stitching, the seams, the components. You can immediately see which companies are in it because they know what they're doing and care about what they're doing, versus which ones are in it for a money grab.

Vertagear: What about comfort?

Tuan: Comfort is pretty subjective. But we've sat around in many of them. One of my favorite features of the SL series is its ability to fully recline. Sometimes after long hours of writing and editing, you just want to lie down and stretch out. The SL-5000 that I use at work basically let's me fall asleep at the office.

Vertagear: You sleep on the job?

Tuan: No! But sometimes I stay back at the office late into the evening, and if I eat dinner at the office, the SL-5000 allows me to lie down and take a comfortable nap. I've done that several times already. It works great.

Vertagear: Okay. What chair were you using before?

Tuan: An Aeron—I was using that for a while. The thing I learned about the sitting on the SL though, was that it actually keeps me awake and alert while working. It's not so plush that you feel too comfortable and relaxed. It's got just enough firm support that I can understand why pro gamers use them. They just give you that alert feeling. And this isn't hyperbole either. It does work—at least for me.

Vertagear: What games do you play while at the PC?

Tuan: Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Diablo 3, Subspace: Continuum, Star Citizen. That's pretty much the extent of my gameplay. Not too many, right?

Vertagear: That seems like a small list considering you work for PC Gamer.

Tuan: Yeah, my friends tell me it's absurd that I work at PC Gamer and I don't actually play many games, or play that often.

Vertagear: That does seem strange! Any recommendations for us?

Tuan: Hard to say. You guys are the experts, so I'll let you decide. But if I had to think of something, I'd let me mix and match parts from this chair with parts from that chair. You know what I mean?

Vertagear: We hear you. Thanks for answering our questions!

Tuan: Sure!  

 Check out PC Gamer's video above.

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