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Vertagear joins the Rocket League Championship Series season 3!

Coming on June 2nd, the third season of Rocket League Championship Series will kick off.  The big event will kick off in Los Angeles, CA, at The Wiltern, and will go between the 2nd through to the 4th. The entire event will be fully broadcasted on Twitch, where you'll be able to see the intense brawl from beginning to end. If you've ever played Rocket League, you'll know how fun and addicting it can be, especially with friends.

An event like the RLCS though, wouldn't be complete if Vertagear wasn't there. So we decided to sponsor the players and the entire event with our award winning SL4000 racing chairs. Like we've been saying since the company started, you always give back to the community that helped give birth to your existence.

In the unlikely event that you won't be in the audience, don't fret. Vertagear will be running a promotion during the series. All you have to do to take advantage of it is input discount code "RLCS" during checkout and you'll instantly receive 15% off your entire order.

RLCS season will stretch over 3 full days, and play through two brackets: upper and lower:

The two brackets will compete, with a grand final on Day 2, where the winner of the upper bracket will face off against the winner of the lower bracket. Huge upsets can occur at any given point, as we've seen many times in the game. So right now we're withholding any expectations.

All we can say is, may the best team win!

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