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Vertagear unveils S-Line SL5000 color editions

Comfort and personalization come together

Los Angeles, California, April 6, 2017 – If you’re going to play, play hard—and while you’re doing it, make a bold statement. Vertagear is proud to introduce a number of custom color editions to the venerable SL5000 racing series gaming chair.

The SL5000

The SL5000 is one of Vertagear’s award winning racing-style chairs designed and molded around comfort and ruggedness. Inspired in design, function, and features from genuine F1-bucket racing seats, the SL5000 provides critical seating support for the most intense gaming sessions. Previously only available in carbon black, Vertagear today introduces four new bold color combinations, for a total of five unique designs, for the discerning gamer:

SL5000 Black and Blue trim
SL5000 Black and Green trim
SL5000 Black and Red trim
SL5000 Black and White trim
SL5000 Carbon black

The SL5000 is quite simply the quintessential bucket-racing gaming chair. But don’t take just our word for it: the editors at PC Gamer had this to say:

“The real key to the SL5000 is its build quality. Upon close inspection, you can tell that someone at the Vertagear factory has an eye for detail. Stitching is uniform and aligned, materials feel like they're straight out of a BMW or Lexus, and fit and finish are top notch.” – The Best Racing-Style Gaming Chair, PC Gamer, February 25, 2017.

At Vertagear, we know that every gamer has his or her own style. With the new exclusive race inspired color editions, your SL5000 is now made to custom fit into your play environment.

About Us

As gamers and engineers, we love leveling up. The constant evolution of our products forms the foundation of our team. We obsess over every part--every tiny detail--everyday. From utilizing the most premium material to considering the nuances of your day-to-day, we strive to give you the best experience from the first touch. We believe convenience and ease of use forge the basis of any consumer-oriented invention, while quality and creativity shape the pillars of innovation. Ingenuity never ceases, and neither do we.

Price and Availability

Available now at most online retailers, and at

Warranty Information: 10 years limited warranty

Technical Specifications

For more information, please visit or email us at

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