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HygennX, from Vertagear, uses patented coffee ground nanotechnology in breathable cloth to deliver natural odor control with quick-drying functionality and silver-coated embroidery to neutralize bacteria growth while prolonging the life of your chair and accessories.


HygennX helps to reduce landfill waste by reclaiming used coffee grounds before being discarded by roasters and retailers. A cup of coffee only uses 0.2 percent of the coffee bean; HygennX repurposes the remaining 99.8 percent in the production of two HygennX gaming chairs or six HygennX headrests/pillows.

Why is it so

Hours of gameplay generate heat build-up between your body, chair, headrest, and pillow. This can lead to unpleasant odors and create a breeding ground for bacteria; all of which can effect your gaming environment, your health, and the life of your Vertagear products.

How it Works?

Vertagear HygennX features patented technologies that shield your chair and accessories from odor, bacteria, and moisture build-up.

Nano-sized coffee granules within purified coffee grounds are weaved into our HygennX fibers and embedded into our HygennX padding where they absorb and neutralize odors.

Silver-coated embroidery shields against bacteria and fungal growth by delivering positive ions (Ag+) that attach and neutralize the negative ions from bacteria.


Patented infusion technology traps odors in the natural pores of the coffee grounds that are embedded in HygennX fabric, without smelling like coffee.


Silver coated embroidery defends against bacteria growth (virus, bacteria, fungi) as the silver releases positive ions (Ag+) which have been shown to disrupt the growth of bacteria with its negatively charged ions.


Coffee, a natural odor-absorbing material, is embedded in the cloth of our HygenX chairs and headrests/pillows, to provide better breathability and reduction of heat.

SL5000 Midnight Blue Edition
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