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Shopping for someone else but not sure which gaming chair to get them? Give them the gift of comfort and choice with a Vertagear gift card. 

How Do Vertagear Gift Cards Work?

  1. Select the gift card amount you wish to gift.
  2. Purchase just like any other product.
  3. Gift cards codes and links are delivered to your email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout.
  4. Forward the email to the lucky Vertagear gift recipient, or print out the gift card Code which can be used during checkout by the gift recipient. 
  5. Wait to be showered with love and thanks for being such a great gift giver.


  • Can I use gift cards with a discount or coupon code?
    • Absolutely.
    • Can I combine gift cards with other forms of payment?
      • Yes, but only if the order amount exceeds the amount left on the gift card. 
      • You can use a credit card, financing options or another gift card in conjunction with a gift card.
    • Can a gift card be used to pay shipping and taxes?
      • Yes, the gift card amount is applied to the final amount, which includes shipping and taxes. 
    • Are there any processing fees?
      • Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.
    • Do gift cards expire?
      • Nope
    • Can I use gift cards globally?
      • You can only redeem gift cards on the website that you purchased them on. For example, a gift card purchased from cannot be redeemed on
      • Can gift cards be exchanged for cash?
        • Nope
      • Can I return a gift card?
        • Yes, but only if unused. Also, note that the amount will be returned to the original purchaser. 
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      Product Manual

      Take a comprehensive look at the set up, function, and maintenance of the chair. The Product manual details all of its specifications and how to care for your Vertagear chair.

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      Register your Vertagear products today and you will receive 2-Year Warranty from the date of purchase. Click the link below to learn more about our warranty program today.

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