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Gaming Series

Redefining gaming chairs with the most ergonomic products in the industry.

Racing Series

Our chairs are crafted with a luxurious PVC Faux Leather that lasts longer and is more resistant against tearing than the standard gaming chair.

Guaranteed Quality...

Ultra Premium High Resiliency Foam

Our interior foam boasts a density that puts it well above the standard High Resiliency foam. Where High Resiliency foam sits at approximately 2.5lbs per cubic foot, our foam stands up to 4lbs per cubic foot, inching it near the realm of memory foam. The elasticity of the foam helps prolong the comfort life of the chair and adds to the overall durability of the product.

HR F oam Lbs/sqft 3 UPHR F oam Memory F oam

Effortless Assembly

Our patent-pending assembly method, as demonstrated in the following video, allows for a single individual to put together the chair without much hassle. You won't find another gaming chair that can be assembled as easily as ours.

Our Best Reviews

"Vertagear's build quality is miles ahead."

"I fall into it, and never want to get out of it."