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Gamescom is smashing it this year, and we're there!

If you've never been to Gamescom, you're missing out. Every year in Cologne, Germany, thousands of people gather for one of the biggest gaming conventions anywhere in the world. Gamescom a full five days of non-stop gaming action, with new releases announced as well as a sea of hardware companies on location to display their new wares.

The show is especially engaging because it's fully open to the public. This is great, but the caveat is that there's thousands of people walking around, so it can get pretty packed. Of course, you end up making a few new friends along the way and if you're really lucky, leave the show with some prizes.

Some of the biggest announcements so far at Gamescom?

The Evil Within 2, from Bethesda
Far Cry 5, from Ubisoft
Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, from Square Enix
Destiny 2 featuring HDR for the PC, from Activision

But aside from the games, hardware is in full force at the show. Vertagear was proud to be present at Gamescom this year thanks to our partners at Toshiba. A fully packed gaming booth was setup on the show floor in prime foot traffic area and attendees are able to swing in, grab a drink, and play some of the latest games.

Naturally, we fully equipped the gaming booth with our award winning SL2000 line of racing style gaming chairs—in black and red edition.

Folks who stopped by ended up sitting on our chairs for long periods of time and caused a queue for others to sit and play. We can't blame them—our S-Line of chairs are expertly crafted to give you unrivaled support as well as innovative functions not found anywhere else. The best part? The chairs took on the full abuse of the crowd that is Gamescom, without breaking a sweat. If you're looking for a compromise gaming chair that is able to withstand the beating of a crowd-filled gaming convention and still go on to deliver the same reliability year after year, look no further.

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