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Student Program Launches at Caltopia!

Vertagear Student Program

Wouldn't it be great if gaming was part of your college education? Well, it's happening. In recent years, several major colleges and universities have started recognizing that gaming should be part of a serious education. Not only does it train focus and discipline, gaming also promotes team work and competitiveness in a demanding environment.

We're taking this to heart as we're excited to announce our partnership with the University of California, Berkeley, to help launch our new Student Program at this year's Caltopia!

The student program comes after our successful Military Appreciation Program, giving students in the U.S. with a valid .edu email address a 20% discount code to apply to their purchase. We're making gaming chairs more affordable for those who spend much of their time seated whilst gaming and studying. Students can relax in our premium ergonomic chairs and say goodbye to the back aches from the constant studying and gaming.

Berkeley's Caltopia will take place over two days and host more than 30,000 students, and on site will be none other than the legendary Cal eSports team.

There will be four main areas of play at the esports section of Caltopia 2017:

Exhibitors Row: A full on area where gaming companies will show off their gear. Attendees will be able to check out and try the latest computing and gaming gear, some of which will have just been announced. It's like attending your favorite tech and gaming conference, except you're at UC Berkeley so you might learn something too.

Tournament Stage:This will be a non-stop action play area where attendees can compete or watch over the entire two days. Both teams and individuals can participate and there will no doubt be massive prizes to give away.

Open Play Area: This is a free-for-all gaming area. Mobile games, tablet games, PC games, and even classic games are accepted here. You'll even be able to play with the Cal eSports team.

Virtual Reality: VR is here and it's big. If you haven't experienced VR, you'll want to check it out at Caltopia. The experience can't be put into simple words, but lest there be any doubts, be prepared to have your mind blown.

Vertagear is excited and proud to be part of Caltopia, so we're bringing a fleet of high-end gaming chairs down to the event along with our Student Program registration. You'll not only get to check them out, but you'll get to play on them as well. In fact, we're going to give away chairs to lucky attendees!

We're also really enthusiastic to have the chance to donate some of our chairs to the Cal Veterans Center, as well as the UC Berkeley Disabled Learning Center. We fully support higher learning for people from all walks of life. 

Caltopia 2017 kicks off this Sunday, August 20 and goes through to the end of Monday. Don't miss out on the event nor our student discount!

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