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Supergirls Take Gaming by Storm in Oceanside

Several weeks ago we wrote about an article in the LA Times that called out the gender discrepancies in the online gaming scene, specifically, the way women are treated with a bias towards disrespect. No longer. Supergirl Gamer Pro is an all-women's competitive gaming event focused on supporting women and the women who love to play games.

Supergirl Pro has been around for the past eleven years, supporting women throughout traditional sports. This year, the event expanded into the esports scene to include gaming competitions. But Supergirl Gamer Pro isn't just about playing games. The organization centers around being a platform for women to get involved in all things gaming, including working within the industry.

Supergirl Gaming ProThis is why Vertagear is proud to have been a leading supporter of Supergirl Gamer Pro and Paul Mitchel Neon Supergirl Pro event, where we participated as well as provided our gaming chairs to the event. The event took place at Oceanside Pier in Oceanside, California, where it is considered the largest female surf competition in the world. Clearly, there's more than just gaming where women can dominate.

Although the event was centered around competitive surfing, Supergirl and Vertagear had a fully equipped gaming booth. Women, men, girls and boys had the chance to taste what competitive gaming was all about. The scene was packed with other industry gaming leaders such as Razer, Alienware, and Vive by HTC.

While others brought in surf boards, Vertagear brought in the armor, with our award-winning SL-4000 series gaming chairs. The event couldn't have gone better. The waves were high, surfers cut through the waters, and attendees immersed in the games.

Without a doubt, this was one of the best and meaningful events we've participated in, not only in support of women in the gaming scene, but people from all walks of life. This is how all things in life should be: thrilling and fun for everyone, no matter what gender. This is how the game should be played.

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