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Gaming Chair Selection 101 - How to Pick the Right Gaming Chair For You

We as gamers spend hours gaming every day (I know some of you do it a whole lot more), that averages out to be more than hundreds of hours of sitting in a given year! That’s a whole lot of hours. With that kind of commitment, it’s important to pay attention to picking the right tools to take with you on your journey. This guide will serve as a checklist for you to pick out the gaming chair that suits you the best!  

Starting Slow

The first step is to understand what you are really looking for in the chair. Begin by asking yourself a few basic questions.

  • Do you prioritize functionality or ergonomics?
  • What about having a badass design?
  • Do you want to support a specific team?
  • How much budget do you have for a chair?
  • What about having the right balance of all?
By understanding what you are looking for will help you weave out many of the choices and can really help you focus on which ones are most appropriate.


Evaluating the Designs

We are very visually driven animals. The design of the product is often the first thing that crosses your mind when browsing chair selections. As you look through the designs, really pay attention to things like the build quality of the leather, the stitching, and coloring.

Remember to ask yourself: Does this colorway suit me, my PC setup, or my home in general? Who doesn't want a gorgeous gaming chair to complete their setup? 


Evaluating Adjustment Capabilities

When it comes to functionality, begin by asking yourself who will be using the chair the most.

  • What sort of situations will you be really be using the chair for?
  • Will you be gaming all day?
  • Will it be for work as well?
  • Will you have to share with others?
  • Can they sit on this comfortably with their height and weight?

These sort of questions can really help hone in on selecting the chair most appropriate for your use. Many gaming chairs are built for different types of purpose, some are better at adjustability than others.

First, pay attention to the number of directional adjustments the chairs is capable of.

  • Does it have basic height adjustment?
  • What about back reclining?
  • How does the chair adjust?

After the basic adjustments, look for other adjustments such as increasing the cushion height, armrest directional adjustments, and really make sure they suit all your needs.


Take the Vertagear Racing Series for an example. Both have great designs but differ in functionality. The SL series is extremely popular, but may not fit and support those who want more space. The PL series on the other hand, provides a wider back and cushion design and industrial grade metal to make sure it fits.


Evaluating the back support

For those who love to stay in their gaming chair for long periods of time, it’s extremely important to pick a chair that fits your habits ergonomically.

Start by checking and considering the upper and middle back support. Properly designed chairs will have a robust combination of back support and will leave your body in it’s the natural shape which can prevent strains, backaches, and even injuries.

Check if the chair has proper lumbar support, or has the ability to adjust to the level of support your back needs. Different people have different degrees of comfort, make sure that the chair is properly designed for your own health. It is also important that the backrest could be reclined. This can help relieve pressure on your spinal discs and back muscles to make sure you stay comfortable no matter how long you decide to spend on sitting.


Evaluating the Seat Cushion

Just like the back support, a proper gaming chair should have an appropriate size when it comes to seat cushions. Cushions that are too large or too small can cause problems to your long-term health. The chair should give you ample room to maneuver to stay comfortable but shouldn’t be too wide where it loses the ability to hug you and keep you in place. The cushion should have a comfortable 1-3 inches of room to let your knees hang over.


Evaluating Build Quality 

One of the most important elements to a good gaming chair is in the build quality. An average, run-of-the-mill gaming chair can often time be great for the first couple of months, and then start having quality issues that will drive you crazy! Let’s take a look at what to be looking for to avoid it.


In leather

The leather should be the first thing that you evaluate since it'll have most amount of contact with your body during the lifespan of the chair. Poor materials will work for the short term but will begin peeling, ripping, or even dying colors to your skin in the warm climate. Alternatives such as PVC leather is great as a choice for the long term use due to the


In Internal Cushions

The cushions will be the second most obvious notice in quality in a gaming chair. The cushions makeup of the shape and dictates the way you are sitting in the chair itself, so it’s important to make sure the seat cushions are designed for long-term use.

We all have seen or owned the set of sofa that seemed great in the first few months, but begins to sag and lose structural integrity after long-term use. This same concept applies in the gaming chairs. In order to make sure your chair last, it’s important to pay attention to the construction of what makes the chair great.

Properly designed cushions will be able to withstand use for long periods of time and will be less prone to things like sagging or major changes in the shape itself.

In Hardware

Something that people seldom pay attention to is the hardware in which the chair uses. The hardware can range from the screws, the structural base, the wheels, and the skeleton of the chair itself.

The good gaming chairs will have a high quality build for every aspect down to the screws that it uses. The base frames and the chair stands should be engineered to fit your height and weight.

The poorly constructed chairs will cut corners on using proper hardware which can lead to a short lifespan of the chair and can even hurt you in the process (yikes!)

Make sure to always check the type of hardware the chair uses to see if it will truly last as long as the company claims. Don’t cheap out on this, or you’ll likely wind up buying a second chair soon after your first!


    Finalizing your choices

    In order to finalize your choices, make sure you check the reviews online and from the community regarding your needs. Check out how the complex the assembly process is and how complex it’ll be when you have to physically strangle it together.

    Like all purchases, it’s important to check the return policies and the customer service because having that knowledge may come in handy in the future. If you have the opportunity, definitely try to sit on one and make sure it’s the right kind for you.

    Lastly, make sure to have fun in the process! There are a ton of variety out there, and picking up the one that suits you and your needs are going to make you enjoy the gaming chair that much more!

    Your body is a shrine, so treat it like one! Check out our gaming chairs here.

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