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NEW PRODUCT: Racing Series Pillow Sc


JULY 14, 2017 - As the gaming community gathers in Las Vegas, Nevada for the biggest annual fighting gaming tournament in the world, the Evolution Champion Series 2017, we too head there to unveil a new product that will take gaming chairs a step closer towards perfection: our Racing Series Pillow Sc.

Similar to our Triigger Headrest Sc announced at Computex, the new pillow is adorned by black velvet infused with coffee fiber and silver lining, and harnesses memory foam within its cover. Utilizing the functions of coffee grounds and silver, it is the industry's first anti-odor and antibacterial pillow to date. As a product that is often overlooked and unwashed, our new pillow aims to ease the minds of gamers worldwide.

The pillow is now available for pre-order and can be purchased as either the full pillow with memory foam or just the cover itself. To learn more about the product, visit this page.

In addition, to celebrate our status as the official gaming chair partner of EVO 2017, we now have all products 15% off with the discount code 'EVO17'. Also take advantage of our free upgrade to auto-lock casters for our Racing Series chairs!



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