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Racing Series Pillow Sc Official Launch!

Vertagear Racing Series Pillow Sc

DECEMBER 26, 2017 - Earlier this year, we announced an innovative accessory in the form of our Racing Series Pillow Sc, the industry’s first antibacterial, anti-odor pillow. Crafted with coffee fiber and silver lining, the pillow aims not only to be the most hygienic of its kind, but also the most ergonomic with its memory foam interior. We are pleased to announce that the pillow will be ready to ship in the middle of January and is again available for pre-order.

One of the most overlooked aspects of gaming chairs and gaming products in general is hygiene. Gaming can be an intense activity that requires thousands of hours of play to reach the pinnacle of skill. Day in day out, we sit in our chairs, lay back against our headrest, and grind. But most people aren’t aware that by doing so, we transmit billions of bacteria and odor particles.

Our solution to that is our new pillow. Adorned by a soft, black fabric infused with coffee fiber, it harnesses the natural power of coffee grounds to block odor from accumulating, and the embroidery utilizes silver’s widely acclaimed antibacterial properties to ward off bacteria. The cover of the pillow retains its functions even when washed, allowing it to stay clean as long as you need it to.

The Racing Series Pillow Sc will be available for shipping in mid-January in North America. Other regions may vary.

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Vertagear is the world’s leader in premium gaming chairs. As gamers and engineers, we love leveling up. The constant evolution of our products forms the foundation of our team. We obsess over every part--every tiny detail--everyday. From utilizing the most premium material to considering the nuances of your day-to-day, we strive to give you the best experience from the first touch.

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